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It's in 1999, after several years of research, that the Naskita artist created his first emotional NaskiCards. Used in more than 180 countries, its animated and musical creations, causes unceasingly reactions of emotions, of enthusiasm and fascination at the millions users. Rhythms, colors, transformations, shapes, symbols, a masterly and original work, that doesn't leave anybody indifferent. The NaskiCards from Naskita artist are a true phenomenal expression of emotional reality. A new language, an unique experience for the visitor at the same time intuitive, artistic, meditative, spiritual and mystical. 32 categories, hundreds of NaskiCards to express to your lover your feelings. For all events, weeding, engagement, birthday, birth, baptisms, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Valentine's day, Mother's Day etc... To send an NaskiCard is an unforgettable gift.

EXHIBITION "Travel souvenirs"

Visit the gallery of the Naskita artist and discover his last exhibition "Travel souvenirs". Works of the artist invite you to share its travels impressions throughout the world: Canada, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Venice, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Senegal and many other destinations. Attractive virtual works where the artist expresses in an original way, with colors and movement all the sensitivity of moments collected. An unforgettable virtual travel.

Some works to be discovered in the Naskita gallery.

In the south, the Caribbean Sea calm and turquoise, its coral lagoons and coral reefs. However, it's on the Northern coast that is the paradise of the surfers, the Atlantic Ocean. Contrast of the seas, the artist wanted showing the force and the perpetual movement of the Atlantic Ocean close to Cabarete a small city situated to the east of Puerto Plata at the time of one of its travels in Dominican Republic. Discover this work click here

NEFERTITI, ornament of goddess
Fascination of a travel in Egypt where the invisible presence of the Gods seems still present. The ochre of sand, under a sun of fire, borders without end majestic banks of the Nile where the traveller goes on a cruise out of time in search of forgotten treasures. It's at the base of keops pyramid, will seeing the camels caravan, which the artist imagined this ornament of Nefertiti. Discover this work click here

The Bride's bouquet
"The Bride's bouquet" is a work created by the Naskita artist specifically for the young grooms or those which will marry soon. The white background evoke the veil of the bride, the delicate animation and the pastels colors of this bride's bouquet evokes the purity and the delicacy of the feelings. Discover this work click here

Beauty of the Antilles
The Balata Botanical Gardens in Martinique, in the French West Indies, dominates by the Fort of France bay. More than a visit, it's an attractive travel through the plants and tropical flowers which will not leave anybody indifferent. The "Beauty of the Antilles" created by the artist is an imaginary flower inspired of a stay in Martinique. click here

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